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LabVine is an online platform developed specifically for laboratory professionals. It provides high-quality relevant content and supporting material to develop newly acquired skills. LabVine also allows laboratory professionals to discover opportunities that will keep them at the cutting edge of their laboratory industry.

Our ever-growing list of globally accredited courses include laboratory management, quality management, change management, performance improvement and specialist topics that are relevant to the laboratory professional. We cater for both self-paced and classroom learning.

To support the development of our members we offer webinars, keynote sessions and much more.

As we are continuously developing our platform you will be able to discover more about your industry and to become part of a community through our blogs and vlogs, insights, thought leadership, community meetups, live streamed events and much more. As a member you will be informed of these developments as they are rolled out.

We want you to grow with us and earn CPD/CEU points. As a member you will be kept abreast of the latest developments and stand in line to win great prizes.

LabVine can enable your career by contributing to your ongoing continuous professional development. You will have access to thought leaders in the industry, and you could also grow as a thought leader. Members have free access to pre-release content and promotions, as well as LabVine’s top features including VineNews, blogs, VineStream and newsletters.

Yes, there is pre-release content available, as well as introductory courses, webinars and regularly added free courses. Various features are available for free to LabVine members, including our blogs, newsletters and VineNews.

We are continuously aggregating content, and as a LabVine member, you will receive communication via email from the LabVine team regarding new content. We know you’re busy and will keep our communication relevant and to the minimum. You can also check our social media platforms regularly for content updates.

Yes, you can. The majority of the courses are internationally accredited. Course credits and accrediting bodies are available under the course information.

The time taken to complete a course is course-dependent. Course times vary from 30 minutes to 10 weeks. There are other content such as industry insights which may be as short as 5 minutes.

For all learning courses completed, you will receive a digital certificate, which is directly sharable on your LinkedIn profile. We will help you keep track of it. Please note that certificates will not be awarded for all webinars. Visit the relevant course info page to check whether there is a certificate of completion awarded.

Yes. LabVine is “Mobile First”. This means it is fully compatible with all leading devices and the latest browser versions. Please make sure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection and ensure that your browser is not in lite mode as this will block some functionality.

Individuals and companies can make online payments in various currencies using any major debit, credit and American Express cards via our secure payment process. Companies have the option to request an invoice for direct payment.

Yes, we offer payment terms on selected LabVine courses. Visit the relevant course info page to see whether there are payment options available.

E-learning content is available immediately after payment, unless it is a scheduled event, in which case the content will be available on the start date. Classroom content becomes available as per schedule.

No. All you need is an internet browser and stable internet connection.

Please check that you have a stable internet connection and ensure that your browser is updated. Ensure that your browser is not in lite mode as this will block some functionality on LabVine (go to “Settings” in your browser and scroll to find “Lite mode” – make sure this is disabled).

If the problem persists, clear your browsing history and cache (go to “Settings” in your browser and click on “History” – clear all history, including “Cache” and “Cookies”). If you are using a mobile device, please restore your browser to its factory settings (go to “Settings” on your device, go to “Apps”, find your browser and select “Restore”).

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing problems, please contact us at and we will gladly assist you.

Yes, your company has the option to request an invoice for direct payment. To make use of this option, select a group or company registration in the first step of the event registration. Once all details have been completed, you will have the option to request an invoice.

Yes, there are textbooks and supplementary resources available on selected courses. Please send an email at to enquire about your specific course.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive an email to complete a course evaluation. Your course will be reviewed by a LabVine administrator, and your electronic certificate will be issued via email. You certificate will also be available on your LabVine dashboard.

Please complete a contact form. Include your course of interest and we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us an email at

For technical queries, a technical support team is available with a turnaround time of 24 hours. You can complete and submit a contact form or send an email directly to For course-related queries, you can also make use of the chat feature to communicate with instructors and other students. All queries will be tended to within 24 hours.

Through our Affiliate Programme and Content Partner programmes, you can generate additional revenue streams.

Become a LabVine Affiliate and promote LabVine content to your community and customers, and drive revenue through each converted sale.

Become a LabVine Content Partner by hosting your laboratory relevant learning content in an interactive and engaging format on LabVine. Generate income from your courses and track ongoing performance using LabVine's unique functionality.

LabVine also provides promotional space targeted to laboratory specific audiences. For any of these options kindly contact us via our contact page and we will contact you to explain the options.

Please send us an email at and we will gladly assist you.