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Review your Healthcare Marketing Approach

To build intimacy, trust, and performance with your customer

By Jeremy Schubert, MBA, MPH | 25 May 2021


Most of us didn't get into Marketing for fame or fortune. If you did, I'm sorry you didn't get the memo. You really should've called first. Most of us got into Healthcare Marketing because we wanted to create some good in the world and make a real impact for our customers. We got into healthcare because we believed we could make a difference for patients and the people who serve them.

Today, Healthcare Marketing, in many ways, has gotten a bad name and, in pockets, has lost its relevance. Marketing is viewed as solely a communication engine to so many. Some even believe it's easy. You just need to expand your "digital footprint," and you can chalk up the year as a marketing success!

If only it were genuinely that easy!

Marketing for "meaningful impact," particularly in legacy healthcare businesses, is perhaps more challenging today than ever. For many of us, our companies and we have high "endgame" expectations of marketing to help patients, empower customers, and build the company or brand in exponential ways. All of this, while:

  • tied to traditional and potentially outmoded thinking/business processes
  • tasked with driving new skills and behaviors in the broader organization to enhance execution
  • managing shrinking budgets

Like our customers, we could likely benefit from some new thinking and perhaps a new approach.

What follows is "food for thought" for any Marketer looking for a different value-creating path. Patients, providers, and our companies could all benefit from one. So could we as individuals.

This is not gospel. Only ideas that may help you springboard to something amazing.