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Easy Lab Leadership Actions to Implement for Laboratorians Looking to Increase Relevance.

13 easy to execute activities to unlock creativity and energy within your team, generating momentum for the future.

By Jeremy Schubert, MBA, MPH | 12 July 2021

Healthcare is changing at a rapid and ever-accelerating pace. As Laboratorians, it can be tough to keep up with the external trends impacting your business, much less continue to reshape and reposition your organization for future demands and opportunities.

In a world where we are frequently asked to "do more with less," it can also be difficult to execute any meaningful action to stimulate engagement and satisfaction for your team while simultaneously creating enduring value for your patients and health systems.

In short, it's easy to talk about transformation; however, sometimes, it's challenging to get started.

As the old axiom goes, it always starts with a first step. The question is: "What first step?"

With that question in mind, below I set out to develop a simple "pick list" of easy to execute ideas that are clear steps in the right direction.