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Laboratory Process Insights - Process Mapping

Discover how to obtain process insights through the gathering of performance data, scoping, and process mapping.

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About Laboratory Process Insights - Process Mapping

An online program consisting of 1 hour of e-learning that will show you how to obtain process insights through the gathering of human resources, equipment, and process information using business process modeling and notation as a tool for process mapping.

Developed by:
Power of Process
1 hour
Learning Mode:
Certificate of completion


  • Gathering performance date
  • Level 1 Mapping (Scoping)
  • Level 2 Mapping (Process mapping using BPMN)



Andre Gouws

Andre is a seasoned skills development professional with over 27 years of experience in the learning and development sphere. He holds a degree in electrical engineering with an international diploma in teaching and training. He has completed the Management Advanced Program through Wits Business School and is a certified NQF assessor, moderator, and workplace coach. André's passion for helping people reach their potential is evident through his hands-on teaching methods. He is known to inspire, motivate, and develop people to help them achieve their business objectives and career aspirations. His engineering background, combined with human resources experience and business management acumen, provides him with a unique skill set to research, develop, and deliver skills development programs that truly impact the bottom line. He is passionate about laboratories and their role in the quality of life and making us live longer, healthier and stronger. With this in mind, he has developed the Power of Process skills development programs that help laboratories enhance patient care through business management and laboratory performance improvement in a rapidly changing environment. He has also authored a textbook called "The Guide to Management for Laboratory Leaders" that is available at

Chapter 1: Laboratory Process Insights - Process Mapping

Gathering Performance Data

10 minutes

This module provides insights about data, data sources, process parameter definitions, and data collection plans, which is an essential element of understanding the performance of your laboratory process.

Level 1 Mapping

13 minutes

This module explains the usage of a Level 1 process map for scoping. It is used to create a common language and helicopter view of the process to be improved.

Level 2 Mapping

37 minutes

This module capacitates you to draw a detailed Level 2 process map of your laboratory using Business Process Modeling and Notation or BPMN.