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ChatBots in Medicine and Ethical Considerations

Patients now have the opportunity to interact with Artificial Intelligence through a ‘chat bot’ interface.

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About ChatBots in Medicine and Ethical Considerations

Learn about available categories of ChatBots applied to medicine and discover a framework for analyzing these technologies against bioethics principles. Where digital medical AI, biotechnology, and medical devices are concerned, unique ethical dilemmas arise.

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Easy Ethics CPD
90 minutes
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Certificate of completion


  • Introduction to ChatBot Categories
  • Bioethics Principles Applied to ChatBots
  • Case Study: Psoriatic Arthritis
  • The 'Responsibility Gap' in Technology


2 Ethics CPD



Candice De Carvalho | MSc (Med) Bioethics and Health Law | MSc (Med) Human Genetics

Advances in technology in medicine present unique philosophical challenges in healthcare. Candice created Easy Ethics CPD to deliver accredited educational solutions to help medical industry professionals strengthen their preparedness for the innovations that lie ahead. Candice has experience in delivering CPD ethics talks at conferences. Her greatest passion is to provide the medical fraternity with relevant and engaging ethics content that will both educate and inspire. Before focusing on ethics, Candice co-founded a digital marketing agency, Phatic Communications, and is interested in new technologies that both improve medical outcomes as well as medical communications. Candice was selected for the first cohort of FUTURE FEMALES in 2018, beating out over 450 other applicants globally with her new business concept. Candice holds two Master’s Degrees and her Master’s research in human genetics studied novel genetic mutations in South African cystic fibrosis patients; and her Masters in applied bioethics reflected on the question: “Who owns your genetic material?”

Chapter 1: ChatBots in Medicine and Ethical Considerations

Introduction to ChatBot Categories

21 minutes

In this lesson, you will learn about the technology that makes ChatBots capable of diagnosing diseases. You will also be exposed to various categories of ChatBots in medicine. Lesson summary: - Industries served - NLP - How medical ChatBots learn - Categories of ChatBots in Medicine

Bioethics Principles applied to ChatBots

20 minutes

In this presentation, you will be exposed to the four bioethics principles and a checklist that has been created to analyse the ChatBot examples that are given. Lesson summary: - Respect for Autonomy - Non-maleficence - Beneficence - Justice

Case Study Psoriatic Arthritis

12 minutes

In this presentation, a case study and video is shown of four ChatBots who were tested with the disease: Psoriatic Arthritis. The ethics checklist is applied to the ChatBots to analyse how robust these Apps are from an ethics point of view. Lesson summary: - Video of various apps - Clinical & ethical analysis

The 'Responsibility Gap' in Technology

11 minutes

In this bonus module, explore the philosophy of consciousness and what makes a moral agent. Find out about the technology ecosystem and discover who may be responsible for the failures of AI technology in medicine.